Eucalypt Home

The Eucalypt Home was built in response to the need for accommodation for members in the Free Reformed Churches who have a disability. These members and their families determined that their choice for living away from the family home was to have a facility that reflected their spiritual beliefs and provided a home that was similar in as many ways as possible to the family home.

The Eucalypt Home is unique in that sense. The spiritual aspect of care receives high priority, as does the sense of “home” and living in a community that assists each other. Clients participating in the programs have the same beliefs, values and overarching goals, and yet are individuals, with their own specific characters, preferences and needs. The Home caters for a diverse range of dependency, and the programs are tailored for each individual client.

The Home provides service delivery in three programs –

  • Accommodation
  • Out-of-home Care
  • Day Programs

Some of the clients that live at the home also attend the day programs. Others live outside of the Eucalypt Home but come in for various times through the week, depending on their programs, goals and preferences.

Eucalypt recognises that people with disability have differing individual needs, living conditions, complexities of disability and personal characters and preferences. It is committed to provide programs at the Eucalypt Home that are diverse in nature and allow for client choice, according to their needs and preferences.

Eucalypt is committed to supporting, maintaining and nurturing positive relationships between clients and their family, and encourages family input in all aspects of clients’ lives.

Eucalypt recognises the spiritual bond of brothers and sisters in the Free Reformed faith, and encourages involvement from within the Free Reformed Church community.

Eucalypt actively encourages parents, family, friends and other visitors to visit clients at the Home.